We are a statewide, nonpartisan, nondenominational, citizens’ organization actively advocating for the rights, liberties, and well-being of all Idaho citizens. In accordance with our core principles and beliefs, we identify and take a stance on the tough issues that affect Idaho citizens and actively promote or oppose legislation that affect the rights and liberties of Idaho citizens.

Please join us.

Core Principles & Beliefs

Individual Rights
We recognize the unalienable rights of every individual to life, liberty, property, privacy, and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or gender.

We advocate for the benefit of all Idaho citizens, not special interest groups or select individuals.

Political Affiliation
We are not affiliated with any one political party. We look at all sides of an issue and, based on our mission statement and core principles and beliefs, decide ourselves the appropriate stance to take on the issue.

Financial Donations
We gratefully accept contributions, financial and in-kind, from individuals and entities that support our mission and principles. However, acceptance of contributions will not be encumbered with any loyalty or obligation to the contributor other than the pursuit of our mission.

Election Integrity
Free and ‘fair’ elections are the foundation of our country and election integrity is imperative and must be completely transparent and auditable.

Code of Conduct
Impeccable ethics, honesty, integrity, and transparency in local, state, and federal governments are absolute requirements. Elected officials must agree to abide by these absolute requirements.

Representation of Constituents
Elected officials are required to represent the desires of their constituency even when they are at odds with the official’s own desires or the desires of the party leaders they are affiliated with.

Children are our most cherished gift and their education and well-being are of great concern.  The education they receive must be fulfilling and prepare them to be honest, independent, critical thinking individuals. Schools must adhere to the beliefs, teachings, and foundations of our nation and the Constitution of the United States. Efforts to indoctrinate our children in ways that are contrary to how our country was founded, such as ‘Critical Race Theory’, will not be tolerated.

Law Enforcement and First Responders
Law enforcement and first responders make daily sacrifices, including risking their lives, to protect and serve the citizenry.  We truly thank them and appreciate the sacrifices they make for us.  Supporting them is imperative.

Buy Local and Buy American
Small local businesses are the backbone of our economy and our country. We purposely support small local businesses over large conglomerates and seek out products that are ‘Made in the USA’.