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***SPECIAL EVENT*** – Frits van Mastright, Nefarious Smart Meter Installations and Their Harmful Effects – Snake River Event Center (Shilo Inn, Idaho Falls)

April 6, 2023 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Frits van Mastright is a retired General Contractor and EMF Consultant currently living in the Idaho Falls area taking care of his 99-year-old mother. His passion for the past 50+ years has been researching and applying the Common Law, not only successfully helping himself along the way, but many others as well in their challenges with oppressive government. As a result of his many successes over the years, he felt compelled to produced an on-line basic course in Common Law to help other people, titled The Great American Law Series, Overcoming the Oppression of Government.

He and his mother are currently faced with termination of their electric power service by ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER/PACIFICORP for refusing to accept their Smart Meter (Trespassing Technology). Their formal COMPLAINTS have been submitted to the Idaho Attorney General and the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and waiting to see what actions they may take, if any. They are refusing the smart meter due to their electro hyper-sensitivity to EMF’s which both of them have experienced the harmful effects of first-hand.


  • Discuss how ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER/PACIFICORP is using heavy-handed intimidation tactics using threat, duress, and coercion on their customers in an attempt to quell any opposition to their smart meter installations by inducing them to submit to the installation of these smart meters of face termination of electric service.
  • Discuss how ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER/PACIFICORP is rolling out their smart meter program mandating 100% compliance by their customers with zero tolerance for refusal and no possibility for any opt-out preference for those with health or other concerns, and how ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER/PACIFICORP is refusing any dialog what-so-ever between them and their customers.
  • Discuss how ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER/PACIFICORP has not provided “full disclosure”, as required, of material information or facts concerning the changes they want to make or have made to the terms of the previous or existing contractual relationship between customers and ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER/PACIFICORP, and the true harmful effects of their smart meters (Trespassing Technology).
  • Discuss the legal and lawful aspects and ramifications of ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER/PACIFICORP’s strong-arm intimidation tactics used to coerce customers into submitting to the installation of their smart meters and what violations of law and Rights of the customers    ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER/PACIFICORP have committed and continue to commit after installation has taken place.
  • Discuss the template documents for writing and filing a COMPLAINT with the Idaho Attorney General and Idaho Public Utilities Commission concerning the smart meter issue.
  • Discuss the potential and proven adverse health effects of living with and around smart meters and other electro-magnetic radiation emitting and receiving devices.
  • Discuss his own personal adverse experiences to the harmful and dangerous effects of smart meters and other electro-magnetic radiation emitting and receiving devices.


Doors open at 5:30



April 6, 2023
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Snake River Event Center (Shilo Inn)
780 Lindsay Blvd
Idaho Falls, 83402
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