Vaccine Mandate Exemption Support

We have seen many of examples of government overreach and infringement of personal liberties in the response to COVID-19 at all levels of government. The latest and most egregious example is the mandate that all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated; with a mandate that any company with more than 100 employees force their employees to be vaccinated soon to follow.

Stand Up For Idaho has compiled the following resources to help support you if you are affected by these mandates. We will be posting more resources and information as it comes available, so check back often.

INL Petition

A petition to INL opposing mandatory vaccination as a condition of employment.

A Discussion on How to Defy Mandates

Information about qualifying for an exemption to mandatory vaccination.

Sample Letter to Employer

Click the link to download a sample letter that you can edit to fit your specific situation.

Notice of Refusal by Art Macomber

Print a Notice of Refusal to Consent to Medical Procedure.

Print and post this sign to show your support! (Right-click on image, open in a new tab, and save to your computer.)


Potential Pro-Bono Legal Representation

Who is Liberty Council?

Liberty Council is a non-profit Christian based law firm with expertise in constitutional and civil rights law with an excellent track record in winning cases, to include cases within the Supreme Court. Liberty Council’s website is I encourage anyone that wants to learn more about this law firm to visit their website – it’s full of information, successful cases, legal forms, etc.

Why file Liberty Council’s Form?

It’s critical that everyone that has received a religious or medical exemption denial complete and submit Liberty Council’s on-line form. There is a greater chance Liberty Council will take this case as a pro-bono class action law suit if many individuals file with Liberty Council from the same worksite (INL). Even if you signed an arbitration agreement with your employer this is likely not legally binding so don’t let this influence your decision – you have a constitutional right to have your own legal representation.

Even if Liberty Council does not take the case, they are a great resource and have personally talked with some employees to assist them in their exemption request and/or discuss next steps if an employee received a denial.

Does completing the form and sending it obligate me to this law firm?

Absolutely not! Filling out the form does not obligate anyone (the legal firm or individuals pursing legal action). It simply provides them with the basic information they need to determine if they should proceed to the next step in pursuing justice. Filling out the form does not prevent anyone from wanting to seek their own individual legal counsel or representation.

How Do I fill out the online Liberty Council form?

The link that should take you directly to this form is Liberty council’s main webpage is The actual form can be found through their main web page by clicking on their top tabs titled “Act”. Within this tab there is another link “Legal Help”, which brings up their form that must be completed and sent. As a side note: I would suggest that anyone seeking their own legal counsel to be aware of what you sign that obligates and prevents you later from changing legal representation to keep all your options open.

**Important** – The only way Liberty Council will know that each individual filling their form is from the same work site is to put your company employer’s name with Idaho National Laboratory behind it. Without doing so it will appear as if these are all different non-related companies. In order for them to take this case as pro-bono the more forms they receive with “Idaho National Laboratory” the better they understand this is with the same work site (also include your company’s name). Since there is no specific place to put your employer’s name please place “Idaho National Laboratory – X company” within the subject field of their form (let’s make it easy for them).

For example (within the subject line of the form): Religious (or Medical) Exemption Denial, Idaho National Laboratory – Battelle Energy Alliance (or Fluor Idaho, or Flour Marine Propulsion, etc.). Make sure Idaho National Laboratory is documented.

Questions about this form can be directed to Doug Toomer at